Monday Morning Mindset. July 8, 2024


As many of you know, it is easy to feel inspired, enthused and committed to expanding our internal and external horizons when we are taking a class, listening to a podcast or reading a book. However, come Monday morning when the responsibility of daily life intrudes, it can be more challenging to integrate the teachings that support those beckoning horizons.

So, I thought it would be a fun time to start a series of short articles, interviews and/or recorded meditations to inspire you during your weekday. For the next few weeks, the focus will be on communication.

We have an interesting astrological cycle that began Spring 2024 and ends Spring 2025 that relates to communication and our clear or messy minds. This cycle holds the possibility for us to grow with our outgoing (talking, writing) and incoming (listening, thinking) communication skills.*

For the purpose of this article, I will focus on the listening end of communication.

Related to this topic, a couple of weeks ago I was watching a short interview on “This Morning”, a UK talk show.

I’m not sure why the notice came up on my feed or why I decided to watch it as it’s not a topic I’m focused on. It was about whether or not there are alien’s who walk amongst us.

Why I’m mentioning the interview is because the two hosts were brilliant in their ability to ask questions and listen to the person’s response in a respectful manner. If there was any internal eyeball rolling going on, it was not apparent.

Here is the question to ponder this week. How easy is it for you to listen to a perspective that doesn’t agree with your own?

I’m talking about truly listening, no internal or external rolling of your eyes or simply waiting for the other person to finish so you can disagree and tell them how wrong they are.

Respectful listening doesn’t mean you have to agree, it simply means you are allowing other people to have a different viewpoint and world view than yours.

  • This week when you are engaged in a conversation with a person who isn’t on the same wavelength as you, take a breath and when they speak simply listen.
  • If appropriate, ask questions as to what led them to this perspective. Is there new information and insight you gained by listening?
  • Pay attention if you feel emotionally charged by the information. When you have a moment (not during the conversation), search for the root cause of the underlying emotional charge. In order to help clarify, write your experience down.
  • You may find taking the time to listen to the other person allows you to  walk away feeling better about yourself and them, as well as having learned something new.

There is a mixed bag regarding the quality of communication that spreads like wildfire across social media and news platforms. If you don’t have someone in your circle of family or friends to practice the art of listening with, you can tune into conversations about politics, education, the economy, entertainment, etc.  In particular focus on the part of the conversation you don’t agree with.

Be curious and have a mindful, enjoyable week. Catherine


* For astrology buffs, astrological cycles are something that come and go meaning, we feel the impact of them for a given period of time and then their gone. However, when we dig in and work with a particular cycle they offer opportunities for lasting change.

The cycle I’m referring to is Jupiter’s transit through Gemini. Jupiter relates to the potential for both internal and external expansion. Gemini relates to all forms of communication both incoming and outgoing, and the quality of our thoughts and related stories. Information, news, and gossip falls under the rulership of Gemini.

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