So, I Was Chatting With My Future Self


In hypnotherapy, there is a technique used that involves seeing and interacting with your future self.

It is part of a process that after a person has released a limiting emotional or mental pattern they then connect with their expanded future self.

I really like this technique! As well as using it with clients and students since the mid-nineties, I have personally used it many times.

It is highly effective in that it teaches that the future is flexible and responding to our shifts, repeated actions and mental stories.

We have both a collective future that we co-create and a personal future that we personally create.

The purpose of this article will be to focus on a technique to chat with our December 2019 self.

For those of you who feel you need help with limiting inner stories or blocked emotions there are many traditional as well as complimentary counseling modalities and courses which help a person clarify and release limits. Self-honesty with where we are on our journey and reaching out for help are two important steps towards developing expanded awareness.

Caution: If you have a mental or emotional condition that potentially creates instability it would be better to use this technique under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner.

It is time to chat with our wiser future self!

First, take a few moments and think about where in your life you would like to experience a breakthrough. Write it down.

Imagine in December 2019 there are two possible futures for you. One is the outcome of you continuing on with your current mindset and related inner story. The other is the outcome of you expanding your perception and inner story. The latter is the 2019 version we will connect with.

It is important when we are imagining an expanded version of self to stay connected to our breath and body. When we disconnect it usually means we have encountered an inner block/belief that we need to pay attention to.

If you aren’t familiar with the use of image work know that people receive information in a variety of ways. Some of you may see a picture of yourself in the future or something that represents you. Others may get a feeling, sense or thought of your future self.

  • Close your eyes, take three slow breaths and then imagine you are standing in front of a door marked December 2019. Before you go through the door know that on the other side is the expanded, healthier and happier future version of yourself. This future you has already made the breakthrough you desire or is well on their way to it.
  • Now, open the door and right there in front of you is your expanded, happier future self. Don’t overthink or override the information you receive.
  • Ask your expanded future self what you need to do in order to allow this particular future to unfold in the most benevolent manner possible.
  • Ask if there is any old emotion or inner story you need to let go of.
  • Ask if there are any resources that will help with your growth.
  • When you have finished talking with the future you, imagine there is a light that goes from your heart to your future self’s heart.
  • When you are ready, come back through the door and take a few slow breaths before opening your eyes. Once you open your eyes immediately without editing write down what you experienced and the related information.
  • Next write down any limiting emotions, thoughts or repeated stories you need to release in order to move forward in the creation of this particular future. Note if you feel any resistance to letting go.
  • Write down a list of resources that will help you create this expanded version of yourself.
  • Have a weekly meeting with your expanded, future self.

Remember our future doesn’t happen to us it happens because of us. Whether it be our collective future or our personal future the conscious creation of it requires clear intention supported by congruent actions.

Enjoy your month and have a peaceful and happy holiday season! Catherine


Please scroll down for an article on Balancing Seriousness with Humor

and Gerri Aiudi’s article on Cranial Sacral Therapy and the Avenue of Expression.

Balancing Seriousness with Humor     Catherine Potter


When is the last time you laughed at yourself?

For most of my adult life I have felt compelled to explore and eventually teach in the field of mysticism and self growth. In order to not get caught up in turning that exploration into a humorless, dry, rigid journey I had to “get” a sense of humor. I am someone who is 100 percent committed to my journey but I have an irreverent side that keeps me balanced.

For example, I have a strong service orientation, I like finding solutions and find it easy to feel compassion for those in need. That combination can create some noble tendencies and some unhealthy martyr tendencies. On a side note my family has Irish, Catholic with a dash of both Protestant and agnostic roots so you could say that martyrdom is in my bones.

Over the years when I find myself getting too caught up in my inner martyr I imagine bringing one hand to my head in the the woe is me pose and proclaiming (in a very dramatic way) what my inner martyr is thinking.

I have done this so many times that when I find myself saying something that has gone from healthy to unhealthy, even if I don’t catch my self in the moment, at the back of my mind I can see my inner drama queen acting out her “poor me” martyr role.

Obviously, when we are in the middle of a tough or vulnerable situation that is not the time to be poking fun at our feelings. That is the time to reach for help in dealing with our situation no matter how long it takes.

Hard life experiences can help us grow or we can get stuck in the story of them and stay locked in a circular path. It is important to tell our story and our ancestors story.  It is also important when we find some inner clarity to be able to laugh at some of our more interesting personality quirks.

No matter what path we are committed to we need to find balance with it, especially ones that deal with important issues. We need to balance commitment, integrity, compassion with the ability to laugh at our self when we get overly serious and rigid. Not always an easy task!

The opposite of becoming dry and humorless is the people who laugh at everything and take nothing serious which is also a challenge. They tend to be the “I am here for a good time not a long time” school of thought and have not yet recognized cause and effect and interconnection. They can also get pretty serious and unrelaxed on the path towards gaiety and good times. Somewhere in the middle lies balance.

If you are someone who has spent time in self reflection and find you are getting caught up in old outworn roles and stories, try engaging your inner drama queen/king. Laugh at yourself and your wonderful ego in a kind way.

If you need some ideas to get you started feel free to borrow some of mine.

If you have strong leadership abilities or are highly organized and like things done a certain way and find yourself getting frustrated when people have different opinions or approaches trying flinging your hand to your head, (watch you don’t hit your head with your sceptre) and say aloud “it is so hard to be the only intelligent, competent person in the world”. Don’t forget to sigh loudly as you feel the burden on your shoulders.

If you have a push pull between selflessness and selfishness the next time you are ignoring your needs in order to feed someone else’s and beneath the surface you feel bitter about it, throw your hand to your head and embrace your inner martyr who is proclaiming “don’t worry about me dear even though I have been taking care of everything and everyone all week you go on out and have fun with the boys/girls”. Knowing of course that the second unspoken and possibly unacknowledged statement is “I will make you pay for it the rest of your life”.

Again I want to say these aren’t the type of suggestions that work well for people who haven’t spent any time looking inward, nor those in a diminished mental/emotional state.

But for those of you who need a little space from and want to laugh with your overly serious ego they work wonders.



CranioSacral Therapy and the “Avenue of Expression”    Gerri Aiudi

The effect of assessing and naming an emotion, which is referred to as labeling in mindfulness practice, allows us to separate from the raw intensity of an experience and drop into a place of emotional clarity (Tom Valeo). The sharing and voicing of these emotions allow for a witnessing which brings further understanding to the situation. In the same way, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) can open you up to a world of expression in your face and voice that is both powerful and transformational. It can allow you to discharge pent-up words and emotions when choosing to speak more mindfully. CST can undress you from years of filtering and masking your voice to bring you to the place that is essential you without judgements or reactions.


CranioSacral Therapy refers to the area of your body associated with your voice as the “Avenue of Expression”. This includes the bones, tissues and fluids associated with the face, the upper and lower jaws, and the throat, chest and diaphragm. This work encompasses the energy centers of the third eye, throat, heart and solar plexus. The throat center is primarily associated with communication, but the respiratory diaphragm enables us to breath freely and opens up the chest and heart to communicating from a place of compassion.


Using the power of sound to reclaiming your voice can be as simple as starting with an exercise of closing your eyes and mouth, and humming in a low pitch. Notice how the sound vibrates through various areas of your body. Continue this for 3 to 5 minutes. Notice where your awareness and where the vibrations take you …to your belly, your chest, your throat, your jaw, your head?  Feel your body in the silence that follows. “Sometimes the most important thresholds of mystery are places of silence” (John O’Donnohue).


Likewise, using CST, you can release structures of the face, throat, and chest in order to express your words, sounds and emotions in a more authentic way. “You represent an unknown world that begs you to bring it to voice” (John O’Donnohue).

For more information about Gerri go to

New Moon in Sagittarius December 6/7, 2018

Living In Sync With The Monthly Solar/Lunar Cycles

Once a year the new moon (for the period of a month) will highlight a particular area of your life. When I refer to a month I’m referencing the lunar not calendar month.

Working consciously with the new moon helps you to be in harmony with nature and your own unique timing and flow.

DID YOU KNOW at the time of a new moon the sun and moon are conjunct meaning they are at the same degree in a particular sign. This is why new moon periods are considered ideal times for starting a project – imagine dynamic and magnetic energy fusing together.


The New Moon is on December 7, 2018, at 15°of Sagittarius (12:20 am MST) the Full Moon is on December  22, 2018, at 0° of Cancer (10:49 am MST).


Want to learn more about astrology?  For more information go to

  • The new moon is a good time to set intentions, look for resources and take actions that support growth in the area of your life the new moon falls in.
  • Continue to focus and build energy around your projects until the full moon after that re-evaluate and look at where you are with whatever you seeded at the new moon. You should have greater clarity at this point as to what is working or what isn’t. Look at what changes you need to make – after the full moon, the energy begins to wane becoming more reflective.

How to work with the cycles:

If you don’t know your ascendant read the description based on your Sun sign (month you were born) please see Sun Sign dates at end of the article.

If you know your ascendant/rising sign read the description for the house the new moon falls in according to your ascendant. (to determine ascendant you need to know the time of day you were born).

Please remember this is not a complete picture of all the cycles taking place in your life. Have Fun!!!!!   Interested in  studying astrology or booking an astrological or hypnotherapy session call or email Catherine at 780 447-3667

Following is a list of where the December 7th new moon falls and a few ideas on how to work with it.

Aries Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #9 

Taurus Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #8

Gemini Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #7     

Cancer Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #6

Leo Sun/ Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #5  

Virgo Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #4 

Libra Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #3 

Scorpio Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #2

Sagittarius Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for#1 

Capricorn Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #12 

Aquarius Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #11  

Pisces Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #10     

Read the following list for some of the basic house associations (areas of life). Once a year the sun and moon come together and activate a particular area of your chart. When the new moon falls in one of these areas it is a natural time to focus your attention on this part of your life and make minor, or if there are other cycles to support it, major changes.

#1 Keywords: outer mask, personality, disposition, appearance, physical body, health, beginnings.

Suggestions: During this month you will experience your birthday (sun sign’s) which is your natural new year. Happy Solar Return! Take time to question whether your appearance, physical health and the mask you wear in the world is congruent with how you internally see yourself. The new moon is a good time to start making changes that allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

#2 Keywords: values, self-value and worth, possessions, financial affairs, earning ability, debts, talents/gifts.

Suggestions: During the new moon cycle look at how you are managing your material resources. What changes can you make that will help you feel nourished and secure? What talent do you possess that if developed will bring you satisfaction and possible material gain? What do you consider valuable – what does this reflect back about self-worth and values?

#3 Keywords: all forms of communication (talking, listening, and writing) and communication tools, learning and taking in new ideas, perception, neighborhood, siblings, means of transportation, short trips.

Suggestions: Now is the time to look at bringing in resources that further develop communication and encourage growth in your perception of you and your perception of the world. Take the time to quickly write down (don’t edit and over analyze) how you see the world and you may find that earlier childhood perceptions color it. On a mundane level this is a good time to have fun and buzz around town, Take a look at what you are reading, watching, listening to and what type of conversations you participate in – how do these activities make you feel?

#4 Keywords: physical home, parents, ancestral lineage, psychological roots, private life, real estate and property.

Suggestions: There is a focus on the family which can be as simple as spending more time with them or on a deeper level exploring what qualities and beliefs you inherited from them. It is a good time to look at making changes in your home or making a move. Question whether your home reflects who you are now. If you walked through and observed it through the eyes of a stranger what would it say about you?

#5 Keywords: creativity, romance, love, children, pregnancy, what you do for fun, hobbies, sports, speculation.

Suggestions: Look at what brings you joy and makes you feel open-hearted. Do you find time to play? What outlet do you have for creative expression? This is a good time to focus on children – spending time with them or depending on your age procreation. If you’ve been involved with activities that make you feel passionate, alive and overflowing with love, share it – if you haven’t, find some.

#6 Keywords: work, health, healthcare routines, responsibility, service, pets, employees.

Suggestions: This is the time to look at how well you take care of yourself and what your energy level is like. Do you feel strong, radiant, and vibrant? If not consider making adjustments to self-care routines. Look at your attitude towards work and service. Do you love what you do and enjoy continuing to grow in either a job, volunteer position etc? When we feel competent in some area of our life we often end up sharing our gift with others which is entirely different than resentfully doing something for others.

#7 Keywords: partnerships both business and romantic, marriage, divorce, partnership agreements, what may be weak and undeveloped in ourselves that we explore through a partner (consciously or unconsciously), dealing with the public.

Suggestions: This is the time to start, renew, or leave a partnership. Whether in a relationship or not, for a deeper understanding of this area of your life consider the following. When you are in a relationship, what is your level of commitment? Do you tend to project on your partner undeveloped or disowned parts of yourself? Do you understand the difference between dependence, independence and interdependence?

#8 Keywords: regeneration, transformation, surgery/health, death, sex, and financial/physical / psychological support you receive from others, insurances, inheritances, research, investigation.

Suggestions: When the new moon falls in this house you have an opportunity to look beneath the surface and explore the following – Your beliefs regarding, death or any type of transformation –such as the ending of a job, relationship or entrenched values/patterns.

Your beliefs regarding sex, intimacy, and the understanding of sexual energy as a life force. Your beliefs regarding how much support you have in the world.

#9 Keywords: travel, education, religion, philosophy, ethics, natural laws, laws, visions, higher mind, foreigners, foreign dealings.

Suggestions: Whether for fun or to shake up your routine and limited beliefs there is an opportunity to explore and potentially expand your view of the world and personal ethics/philosophy through study, travel or just taking the time to experience different cultures.

#10 Keywords: profession, destiny, reputation (how the world sees you), status, fame, employer, government/authority, business activities.

Suggestions: Look at what role you play in your community (it will change at different periods of your life) for example parent, business mogul, baker, volunteer, outcast, actor, and question if it is a good fit. It can be easy to get locked into roles and positions that don’t fulfill who we are and our life purpose (yes we all have a purpose).

#11 Keywords: friends and our attitudes to them, clubs and social groups we align ourselves with, organizations, humanitarian interests, future directions and goals, circumstances beyond our control.

Suggestions: What goals and directions do you envision for your future? It is easier to accomplish goals when aligned with friends and/or groups that support and have similar dreams/visions for the future. That could be a recovery group, business organization, political party or a cooking club. If you have a goal, chances are someone else has a similar or at least compatible one –seek them out.

#12 Keywords: transcendence, spiritual and psychic experiences, escapism, karma, liberation, confinement, hospitals, institutions, hidden strengths and weaknesses.

Suggestions: When the new moon falls in this area of one’s life it is time to retreat and let go of the world and our place in it. Now is the time to dream, meditate, create and/or be in nature. Withdraw but don’t escape in unhealthy ways.

SUN SIGN DATES: Aries: March 19/ 20 – April 19, Taurus: April 19 – May 20, Gemini: May 20 – June 20, Cancer: June 20- July 22, Leo: July 22 – August 22, Virgo: August 22 – September 22, Libra: September 22- October 22, Scorpio: October 22- November 21, Sagittarius: November 21- December 21, Capricorn: December 21 – January 20, Aquarius: January 20, – February 18/19 Pisces: February 18/ 19 – March 19/ 20.

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