Powerful Month


Astrologically speaking we have quite a few trigger points through July and August. There are the July Solar and Lunar Eclipses as well as the upcoming Mercury retrograde and the current Mars retrograde.

What does this mean in plain old English? It is time to stand up, act like an adult, take responsibility and say yes to integrity and no to misuse of power.

Historically, there have been periods when we gave our power over to charismatic, misguided leaders of industry, organizations and countries.

We later felt or buried shame based on actions taken in our name. We acted like children instead of adults. Let’s learn from our history and not repeat it.

There are vast amounts of information and world leaders supporting both inclusive thinking ( an interconnected global perspective) and exclusive thinking ( my tribe above all others).

Fear for safety and survival are tools that some leaders, corporations and the media use to sell an idea or product. It is easy to get brainwashed or disconnect because all the agendas become too much.

How can you use the powerful energy in July and August mindfully?  Ask yourself these questions.

  • How safe and secure do you internally feel?
  • Do you trust yourself and your ability to make discerning choices?
  • How much are you still locked into an exclusive worldview e.g. my culture, my province/country, my tribe/group?
  • Faced with personal or global power struggles what happens within you? In other words, can you hold and manage power in an honorable, thoughtful way?
  • Do you give your power over to others or do you try to control others, bending them to your perspective?

When we know and trust ourselves we make better choices.  We can hear and respect a variety of perspectives and still stay clear and strong within our self. We have integrity.  When we have integrity we support business and leaders who have integrity.

There are many opportunities for an individual or groups of people to shift the world in a more positive direction.

Following are a few examples.

You have the power to stand and speak up for views that create win/wins.  Don’t spend all your time talking or listening to harmful, fear mongering leaders.  Spread the word about leaders in industry, government, religions, that support win/win scenarios.

You have the power to vote for municipal and provincial leaders who can debate a point without creating division; who knows how to work collaboratively; have a vision and realistic action plans in place that supports future growth and prosperity for all.

You have the power of purchase. Choosing how to spend your money is an investment and a vote for or against win/win scenarios.

This month find time to have a balance of activity and quiet. Find time weekly to do something that is simple, nourishing and makes you happy. Get out in nature, listen to beautiful music, read something that fills you with happiness, eat nourishing food, spend time with people who are supportive and uplifting.

Enjoy your month! Catherine


Positive, proactive ways to work with Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde 23 °Leo →11° Leo,  July 25th – August 18th MDT.

  • Have you become rigid, congested or dogmatic in your thinking? Now is a good time to find ways to release and expand.
  • Review and rethink!
  • Pay attention to communication, rethink projects and ideas but if possible don’t act on them until after Mercury goes direct.
  • When possible hold off on major purchase or signing contracts. When not possible check things thoroughly.
  • Reconfirm travels plans
  • Balance quiet time with mentally active time.

Scroll down for Gerri’s article on “Labeling Emotions”.

CranioSacral Therapy & Labeling Emotions          Gerri Aiudi

I have often compared a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) session to a mindfulness meditation. With both, you are supported to be present with your internal environment of bodily sensations, emotional responses and thought patterns.

Each CST session can be different as you explore your relationship with these internal sensations.

This moment by moment exploration invites you to a process of awareness, understanding and acceptance of emotions; a process referred to in mindfulness meditation as “labeling”.

The benefits of labeling have been well documented and supported by brain imaging. “In effect, assessing and naming an emotion seems to transform the emotion into an object of scrutiny, thereby disrupting its raw intensity” (Tom Valeo, 2013).

The more expressive you can be about this emotion in terms of verbalizing and describing it, the greater your emotional clarity and your ability to regulate your response will be.

CST helps this process by inviting you to openly monitor and notice your experiences as they are happening. If you feel heaviness in your chest, then what are some words to describe that sensation? Is it a tightness in the ribcage or an inability to inhale enough?

Being curious about the sensations and bringing the language part of the brain online to describe it helps you disentangle the experience and gives space around the feeling.

Finding the connection between a physical sensation and an emotion in your body allows you to anchor the emotion in your body. It allows you to connect the physical component with the mental or emotional response. Then the next time you encounter that feeling of heaviness in your chest, you will recognize the emotion associated with that bodily sensation and can then look at the situation you are in and better manage your response.

It is this connection between recognizing how your bodily sensations and emotional/mental patterns are related, that can bring you greater inner peace and greater management and understanding of emotions in the moment.

Your bodily sensations then become a cue to stop and examine what is happening in your life. In the words of Jeff Foster, “Simply accept that this moment is exactly the way it is right now. Accept your non-acceptance in the present. Feel your breath, the sensations in your body, the life that burns brightly in you.”


Registered Massage Therapist
25 years experience
with craniosacral and massage therapy

New Moon (solar eclipse) in Cancer July 12, 2018

Living In Sync With The Monthly Solar/Lunar Cycles

Once a year the new moon (for the period of a month) will highlight a particular area of your life. When I refer to a month I’m referencing the lunar not calendar month.

Working consciously with the new moon helps you to be in harmony with nature and your own unique timing and flow.

DID YOU KNOW at the time of a new moon the sun and moon are conjunct meaning they are at the same degree in a particular sign. This is why new moon periods are considered ideal times for starting a project – imagine dynamic and magnetic energy fusing together.


The New Moon (solar eclipse) is on July 12, 2018, at 20°of  Cancer (8: 48 pm MDT) the Full Moon ( lunar eclipse) is on July 27, 2018, at 4° of Aquarius (2:21 pm MDT).


Scroll down to the end of this article for Sun Sign dates.

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  • The new moon is a good time to set intentions, look for resources and take actions that support growth in the area of your life the new moon falls in.
  • Continue to focus and build energy around your projects until the full moon after that re-evaluate and look at where you are with whatever you seeded at the new moon. You should have greater clarity at this point as to what is working or what isn’t. Look at what changes you need to make – after the full moon, the energy begins to wane becoming more reflective.

How to work with the cycles:

If you don’t know your ascendant read the description based on your Sun sign (month you were born) please see Sun Sign dates at end of this article.

If you know your ascendant/rising sign read the description for the house the new moon falls in according to your ascendant. (to determine ascendant you need to know the time of day you were born).

Please remember this is not a complete picture of all the cycles taking place in your life. Have Fun!!!!!   Interested in  studying astrology or booking an astrological or hypnotherapy session call or email Catherine at 780 447-3667  catherinepotter@shaw.ca

Following is a list of where the June new moon falls and a few ideas on how to work with it.

Aries Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for # 4

Taurus Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #3

Gemini Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #2   

Cancer Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #1

Leo Sun/ Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #12 

Virgo Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #11 

Libra Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #10 

Scorpio Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #9

Sagittarius Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for#8

Capricorn Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #7

Aquarius Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #6  

Pisces Sun/Rising: Read keywords and suggestions for #5    

Read the following list for some of the basic house associations (areas of life). Once a year the sun and moon come together and activate a particular area of your chart. When the new moon falls in one of these areas it is a natural time to focus your attention on and make minor, or if there are other cycles to support it, major changes.

#1 Keywords: outer mask, personality, disposition, appearance, physical body, health, beginnings.

Suggestions: During this month you will experience your birthday (sun sign’s) which is your natural new year. Happy Solar Return! Take time to question whether your appearance, physical health and the mask you wear in the world is congruent with how you internally see yourself. The new moon is a good time to start making changes that allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

#2 Keywords: values, self-value and worth, possessions, financial affairs, earning ability, debts, talents/gifts.

Suggestions: During the new moon cycle look at how you are managing your material resources. What changes can you make that will help you feel nourished and secure? What talent do you possess that if developed will bring you satisfaction and possible material gain? What do you consider valuable – what does this reflect back about self-worth and values?

#3 Keywords: all forms of communication (talking, listening, and writing) and communication tools, learning and taking in new ideas, perception, neighborhood, siblings, means of transportation, short trips.

Suggestions: Now is the time to look at bringing in resources that further develop communication and encourage growth in your perception of you and your perception of the world. Take the time to quickly write down (don’t edit and over analyze) how you see the world and you may find that earlier childhood perceptions color it. On a mundane level this is a good time to have fun and buzz around town, Take a look at what you are reading, watching, listening to and what type of conversations you participate in – how do these activities make you feel?

#4 Keywords: physical home, parents, ancestral lineage, psychological roots, private life, real estate and property.

Suggestions: There is a focus on family which can be as simple as spending more time with them or on a deeper level exploring what qualities and beliefs you inherited from them. It is a good time to look at making changes in your home or making a move. Question, whether your home reflects who you are now. If you walked through and observed it through the eyes of a stranger what would it say about you?

#5 Keywords: creativity, romance, love, children, pregnancy, what you do for fun, hobbies, sports, speculation.

Suggestions: Look at what brings you joy and makes you feel open-hearted. Do you find time to play? What outlet do you have for creative expression? This is a good time to focus on children – spending time with them or depending on your age procreation. If you’ve been involved with activities that make you feel passionate, alive and overflowing with love, share it – if you haven’t, find some.

#6 Keywords: work, health, health-care routines, responsibility, service, pets, employees.

Suggestions: This is the time to look at how well you take care of yourself and what your energy level is like. Do you feel strong, radiant, and vibrant? If not consider making adjustments to self-care routines. Look at your attitude towards work and service. Do you love what you do and enjoy continuing to grow in either a job, volunteer position etc? When we feel competent in some area of our life we often end up sharing our gift with others which is entirely different than resentfully doing something for others.

#7 Keywords: partnerships both business and romantic, marriage, divorce, partnership agreements, what may be weak and undeveloped in ourselves that we explore through a partner (consciously or unconsciously), dealing with the public.

Suggestions: This is the time to start, renew, or leave a partnership. Whether in a relationship or not, for a deeper understanding of this area of your life consider the following. When you are in a relationship, what is your level of commitment? Do you tend to project on your partner undeveloped or disowned parts of yourself? Do you understand the difference between dependence, independence and interdependence?

#8 Keywords: regeneration, transformation, surgery/health, death, sex, and financial/ physical/psychological support you receive from others, insurances, inheritances, research, investigation.

Suggestions: When the new moon falls in this house you have an opportunity to look beneath the surface and explore the following – Your beliefs regarding, death or any type of transformation –such as the ending of a job, relationship or entrenched values/patterns.

Your beliefs regarding sex, intimacy, and the understanding of sexual energy as a life force. Your beliefs regarding how much support you have in the world.

#9 Keywords: travel, education, religion, philosophy, ethics, natural laws, laws, visions, higher mind, foreigners, foreign dealings.

Suggestions: Whether for fun or to shake up your routine and limited beliefs there is an opportunity to explore and potentially expand your view of the world and personal ethics/philosophy through study, travel or just taking the time to experience different cultures.

#10 Keywords: profession, destiny, reputation (how the world sees you), status, fame, employer, government/authority, business activities.

Suggestions: Look at what role you play in your community (it will change at different periods of your life) for example parent, business mogul, baker, volunteer, outcast, actor, and question if it is a good fit. It can be easy to get locked into roles and positions that don’t fulfill who we are and our life purpose (yes we all have a purpose).

#11 Keywords: friends and our attitudes toward them, clubs and social groups we align ourselves with, organizations, humanitarian interests, future directions and goals, circumstances beyond our control.

Suggestions: What goals and directions do you envision for your future? It is easier to accomplish goals when aligned with friends and/or groups that support and have similar dreams/visions for the future. That could be a recovery group, business organization, political party or a cooking club. If you have a goal, chances are, someone else has a similar or at least compatible one –seek them out.

#12 Keywords: transcendence, spiritual and psychic experiences, escapism, karma, liberation, confinement, hospitals, institutions, hidden strengths and weaknesses.

Suggestions: When the new moon falls in this area of one’s life it is time to retreat and let go of the world and our place in it. Now is the time to dream, meditate, create and/or be in nature. Withdraw but don’t escape in unhealthy ways.

SUN SIGN DATES: Aries: March 19/ 20 – April 19, Taurus: April 19 – May 20, Gemini: May 20 – June 20, Cancer: June 20- July 22, Leo: July 22 – August 22, Virgo: August 22 – September 22, Libra: September 22- October 22, Scorpio: October 22- November 21, Sagittarius: November 21- December 21, Capricorn: December 21 – January 20, Aquarius: January 20, – February 18/19 Pisces: February 18/ 19 – March 19/ 20.


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