You The Universe The Holistic Mind
You The Universe The Holistic Mind
Become Your Own Genie

Have you ever thought you might have a little bit of genie in you? Want to learn how to get your inner genie working to create some magic in your life? Join Catherine and her guest Laurie Szott Rogers for tips on releasing the genie within.

Laurie Szott Rogers

Laurie is a co-founder and instructor at the Northern Star College located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She teaches in the Earth Spirit Medicine and Wise Woman Within Programs. Laurie has previously taught in the Wholistic Health, Practitioner Program at Grant MacEwan University. Laurie has written seven, self-published books on natural healing and Goddess work and developed two online courses in aromatherapy. Laurie and her husband Robert Rogers have an online store which focuses on natural healing and self-transformation. It features their 60 plus books, their own lines of flower essences, mushroom essences, essential oils and blends. Laurie has degrees or certificates in, Applied Research, Women and Psychology, Dreamwork, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Neo Shamanic Studies, Reiki, The Chakras, Goddess Studies and Creativity.