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Is Cranial Sacral Therapy Right For You?

It is hard to think holistically when our body, emotions and mind are not in sync. Most of us understand that our thoughts and emotions affect our body and overall health. However, we may not realize how everyday stress, injuries and emotional traumas can cause body tissues to tighten and distort the cranial system. Tune in and learn how the soft touch of CranialSacral therapy can help release the distortions and restrictions in the membranes and fluid that support the brain and spinal cord. Join Catherine and her guest Gerri Aiudi and you may find that increased energy levels, reduced pain and a relaxed, peaceful body-mind is just a touch away.

Gerri Aiudi

Gerri Aiudi is celebrating 30 years as a registered massage therapist and has been studying and practicing a number of techniques over the years. She is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of conditions from minor symptoms to brain and spinal trauma. Her expertise is in cranial therapy from a number of different approaches including Upledger and osteopathy. In her treatments, she works with a holistic mindset striving to incorporate and consider all aspects of a client’s experience. For more information go to