You The Universe The Holistic Mind
You The Universe The Holistic Mind
Rejuvenate Your Brain Naturally!

Is it possible to rejuvenate our brain in a natural way? Join Catherine and her guest, author and teacher Robert Rogers, as they talk about herbology, medicinal mushrooms, and natural ways to rejuvenate the brain.

Robert Rogers

Robert Dale Rogers has been an herbalist for over forty-five years and is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta, where he is presently an assistant clinical professor in Family Medicine. He is also an adjunct professor at York University. He presently teaches plant medicine, including plant and mushroom medicine, aromatherapy and flower essences in the Earth Spirit Medicine faculty at the Northern Star College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Robert is past chair of the Alberta Natural Health Agricultural Network and Community Health Council of Capital Health. He is a Fellow of the International College of Nutrition, past-chair of the medicinal mushroom committee of the North American Mycological Association. He is the author of 52 books on medicinal plants and fungi of the boreal forest. For more information about Robert’s books and products go to