You The Universe The Holistic Mind
You The Universe The Holistic Mind
The Power of Drumming

Can drumming help you open pathways in your body and mind that lead to self-awareness, empathy, and a holistic mind?  Join Catherine Potter and Kim Tanasichuk, a website designer and drummer, for a fascinating conversation about the expansive and healing power of drumming.

Kim Tanasichuk

Kim Tanasichuk is a self-taught website designer, who designs for wholistic, eco, and heart-based businesses, and has been self-employed for 15 years. Her background is gardening and botany. From age 14, she worked in greenhouses, landscaping, landscape design, etc. and she has explored many aspects of plant life. Eventually, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology. She has also spent a lot of time exploring Nature on a deeper, spiritual level. Drumming has been a hobby of Kim’s for over 12 years and is a passion she loves exploring.