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What Can Homeopathy Do For You?

Join Catherine Potter and Tammie Quick, author and homeopathic doctor who specializes in the Heilkunst method of homeopathy, for an informative conversation about the healing power of the principle “like cures like”.


Tammie Quick

What do you get when you cross a Heilkunstler with a singer? Tammie Quick. Boy, if the kids in high school could see her now! Once voted most likely to succeed, becoming a Doctor of anything was never in anyone’s thoughts.  Tammie was the girl in all the choirs, all of the theatre productions (and some of the detention rooms) and who won all of the artistic scholarships… but none of the academic ones! Yet being on tour in backroads Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan took its toll on Tammie’s health, and that led to an obsessive interest in alternative ways of staying healthy.

Years later when her firstborn was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, Tammie was drawn further to alternative health care and away from the mainstream medical system of drugs and surgery. Eventually, Heilkunst homeopathy revealed itself to Tammie, and she hungrily lapped up the education that earned her the designation of Dr. of Homeopathy and Heilkunst.  Tammie practices at the Quick Health Clinic in St. Albert, AB, Canada and has been blessed with a thriving practice for over ten years.