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You The Universe The Holistic Mind
What Can Numerology Do For You?

Are you curious about how Numerology works and how it can help you? Join Catherine Potter and her guest, author and numerologist Joy Woodward, for a fascinating glimpse into the world of Numerology.

Joy Woodward

Joy is a Pythagorean Numerologist who has given thousands of readings to clients around the globe.

She has recently added author to her list of accomplishments with the Amazon bestseller “The Beginner’s Guide To Numerology”. She is also the host of CATV1’s The Joy Of Numerology tv show.

Continually learning and adding to her metaphysical expertise, she has recently become a certified crystal healer with the Hibiscus Moon Academy. Joy teaches workshops and classes on crystals, the magic of crystal grids, abundance and of course Numerology.

She lives by the numbers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her husband and her dog Wolfgang.