The Listening Room

Welcome to the Listening Room. Take a short break and unwind with a guided relaxation; listen to a spoken word piece combined with a popular song or tune into the weekly internet radio show/podcast You, The Universe, The Holistic Mind, featuring fascinating topics and guests.

YOU, The Universe,
The Holistic Mind Podcast

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May 6, 2019

Is CranialSacral therapy right for you?

May 13, 2019

The Catholic Church, Feminism and Sexuality

June 3, 2019

Express yourself! Sing or speak with more clarity and freedom.

Guided Meditations

At this point I have made available a couple of complimentary guided relaxation sessions. The first called The Bubble” is from a guided meditation tape I made many years ago. It features music by the wonderful Richard Link

The Bubble

Guided by Catherine Potter. Music by Richard Link.


The second relaxation is from a cd I am currently working on titled “You and Your Breath”.

You and Your Breath

Unplug from your busy world and take a few minutes to center and start the morning with a guided relaxation, take an afternoon break or unwind at the end of a busy day. Enjoy.

Guided by Catherine Potter


For those of you who enjoy spoken word blended with popular song have a listen to a piece from the cd “Unfolding Myself” produced by Tomas Brabec at Octavo productions

Unfolding Myself

Taking the approach of “from the inside out” this is a spoken word piece by Catherine Potter from the cd “Unfolding Myself”.


Let It Be/I Hold You In My Bones

Let It Be vocals and piano by the talented Anna Beaumont.  I Hold You In My Bones written and spoken by Catherine Potter.