Catherine offers courses in Practical Mysticism as well as, Embodied Astrology at The Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.

Imagination, Imagery & Creation

February 4, 18, March 4, 2023. 9:30 am – noon.
Instructor: Catherine Potter

  • Explore and embody you as the creator of your life.
  • Learn why it is important and how to create a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Learn how to release, open and create through developing a relationship with the images that live within you.

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The Practical Mysticism Program

Date: September 2023
Instructor: Catherine Potter

Experiment and play with natural laws, the nature of reality and the awareness of the universe as a responsive, creative, field of energy.

The mystic poet Rumi once said, “ Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field, I will meet you there.”

I would like to add, beyond the idea of justifying or defending there is a place where we can explore and experience the unity of the universe and the laws of nature. Once we have, we can make choices that bring an expansive, holistic approach to our daily lives.

Astrology For Everyone

Instructor: Catherine Potter

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced course are available.

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The New Moon Club

Winter Season
Date: December 15,2022, January 19, February 16, 2023
Instructor: Catherine Potter

  • Learn to work creatively with monthly astrological cycles.
  • Get in sync with the seasonal dance of light and dark and element emphasis.
  • Suggestion for creating stability, flexibility and balance throughout an everchanging, yearly tapestry.

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Coming in 2023

Instructor: Catherine Potter