Astrology is essentially the study of nature and how as humans we are a part of and affected by a bigger picture. The science of Astronomy and the art of Astrology were born when the first person gazed up at the sky and began to observe patterns and events that correlated to certain points in their daily, monthly and yearly cycle. As technology advanced so did our understanding of planetary cycles, patterns and the earth’s position relative to the heavens. No longer could humanity see itself as the center of the universe with the heavenly bodies revolving around the earth.

With continuing advances we now begin to understand the universe as a vast, connected field of information. The evolution of astrology asks us to look at how we are affected as opposed to controlled by celestial movement. Through the practice of astrology, we can learn how to consciously work and co-create with the dynamic dance of the universe.

When I was a little girl someone told me the sky was falling
being curious I looked up to watch
to my delight pieces of the heavens fell into my hands.
And from those pieces I created life.

© Catherine Potter

Using Astrology As A Tool For Growth

Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? How can I best serve myself and others? What choices can I make to have a richer more fulfilling life?

These are questions at various points in our life we inevitably ask ourselves or others. As we grow, we ultimately come to the awareness that our life is the result of the choices we make. That realization can be both freeing and paralyzing as very few of us were taught, as children, that not only are we the creative force in our lives but together we co -create the world.

Astrology can be a valuable resource in helping a person gain more clarity and awareness through the exploration of one’s birth chart, and by also looking at one’s progressions and transits.

The Natal Chart – A Moment in Time

The natal (birth) chart is the map of an individual which in part describes a person’s psychological makeup, their gifts and shadow and what they inherited from their collective past.

Of all the times to be born you were born at the moment, when there was a particular dynamic taking place within your family, society and the world. All of these factors had an impact on your formative years.

A question you might want to ask yourself is, why are you attracted to certain types of people, places, careers, and way’s of taking care of yourself? The natal chart can help us understand those attractions and how to best work with our strengths and challenges.

Transits & Progressions – Moving time

From the time we were conceived we have been growing. Transit and progressed charts give us an overview of where we are at different points in that growth. These types of charts and how they impact our natal chart, point out the area of our life that is being activated and whether a particular planetary cycle is creating tension or flow.

How we use that cycle is up to us. The clearer we become regarding both the planetary energies at play, and the understanding that there are a multitude of ways to work with those energies, the more we will recognize that the future is not written in stone. What we see unfold in our future is the result of the choices we make and, the actions we take day after day.


*A birth chart can be erected for the start of anything – a person, company, city or endeavour.

In order to erect a chart you need the month, day, year, time of day and location of birth.

*You are more than your sun sign! A basic natal chart indicates the position of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, 7 planets, lunar nodes, the signs they are in, house placement and the aspects (relationships) these celestial bodies make to each other.

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