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    After years of saying I would author a book I finally did. The Untangled Mystic: Becoming The Creator of Your Life was released on Amazon.ca, on November 22, 2023. The book is based on a four-month practical mysticism course I’ve taught over the years, and I’ve included some fun (in my mind) ideas to play with.

    I first began studying a variety of subjects that fall under the category of mystical teachings in 1984 and after getting turned upside down and inside out I recognized the truth, elegance, simplicity and practicality of the teachings.

    Along with many others who’ve come before me, I can easily imagine a more creative, coherent world in which these types of ideas are applied to politics, commerce, stewardship of the earth and all types of relationships. However, I have occasionally been told I am an idealist.

    Here are two things I learned from the experience of writing a book. First, is that I have not yet decided if I like wearing a writer’s hat. I noticed I felt a bit cranky at times while drafting the book. Although I’ve written many articles over the years as well as developed courses, writing a book was different and felt somewhat restrictive. Why, because there wasn’t a student or client asking me to explain an idea in a different way.

    Sometimes when teaching, I don’t fully realize what I know until I am able to break an idea down into a form that another person can connect with. My mind and their minds get to merge, expand and go further than I, could have anticipated. There is a great joy that comes from sharing positive information.

    Second on the list of challenges while drafting a book, is a pesky thing called punctuation. In the editing process when I was told that I couldn’t put a comma in a place I wanted to, I rebelled. Apparently, when writing a book, you can’t use comma’s every time you want the reader to pause, stop and think about a point in order to notice how their bodies take the idea in. As you can imagine it was an exercise in patience for the people helping me edit.

    In January 2024, I’m intending to do a monthly newsletter with a focus on practical mysticism. There will be ideas and suggestions on how to apply holistic thinking at home, work and in relationships.

    Until then, I am sending you wishes for a joy-filled, nourishing and loving holiday season. Catherine



    If you are interested in reading The Untangled Mystic, you can order a copy through amazon.ca  or contact me at catherinepotter@shaw.ca.

    Amazon link https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1738112500




    Following are a couple of early reviews.

    A Spiritual Operating Guide For your Life. Laurie

    Anyone who says people don’t come with an operating guide hasn’t read The Untangled Mystic Becoming the Creator of Your Life, by Catherine Potter.
    If you want to get unstuck and move forward, read this book! Deepen your relationship with your inner wisdom and learn to create and manifest what you really want. Get Untangled with this simple and profound guide. Laurie


    Learn How to Consciously Create. Terri

    Have you ever asked: Who am I? What is my purpose? Do you ever get a gut feeling or inspired idea? Do you know how to create what you desire? Do you feel you are surviving or thriving? These topics and much more are answered in “The Untangled Mystic: Becoming the Creator of Your Life”.

    In this book, readers are provided with a solid foundation of mystical teachings. Step by step, and in manageable pieces, Catherine takes you on a journey to access your inner wisdom and essential nature. Each part includes teachings, end goals, key points, ideas to play with, and easy to follow practice exercises. You are encouraged to observe with no judgment, to be curious, discerning, and to have fun!

    Catherine’s book illustrates how when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This material is down to earth, wise, loving, creative, and thought provoking. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and integration into your life. Learn how to consciously create! Terri