About Catherine

My introduction in the early 80′s to yoga, meditation & astrology rekindled a childhood fascination with all things mystical and a journey began.

By weaving together Eastern and Western teachings, which includes training in different branches of astrology, hypnotherapy and meditation, I was able to find ways to bring ancient practices into daily living and begin the process of grounding the often externalized idea of spirituality.

I became fascinated with the idea of bringing a practical approach to mystical topics and a reverence to daily routines. It continues to be an ongoing journey.

I first began my career as a professional astrologer in 1986 and added hypnotherapy in 1997. Combining the two modalities allowed me to create a counseling technique, which helps a client gain a better understanding of their archetypal blueprint, as well as help release blocks that inhibit full expression of who they are.

I later spent time furthering my studies in meditation, yoga and ayurvedic teachings and ended up getting certified in Vedic studies.

In 1995 I began The Center College for Wholistic Studies which evolved in 2004.  I then became one of the founders and teachers at The Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.

Also in 1995, along with Brenda Mottram, I began Mosaic Magazine. We both loved the idea of creating a voice for the growing and thriving holistic community in Edmonton. After a year Brenda moved to the Uk and I continued to publish the magazine until 2004. Mosaic Magazine has continued to grow and flourish with its new owner and publisher.

A passion for uncovering one’s “naked voice”, to coin a Chloe Goodchild phrase, has had me continuing to write and publish articles and poetry as well as explore sound therapy.

To read Catherine’s book ” The Untangled Mystic” follow this link. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1738112500