In My Mind’s Eye

2024 Program and Workshops

  • What does it mean to hold a steady, clear place for being the creator of our life?
  • How do we create a marriage between our essential nature and personality?
  • Who are we, what is our story, how do we live our lives and what does our future look like when we trust and access our inner wisdom, imagination, and creative, expanded mind?

Within us, lives a world of information that is accessed through images, feelings, sounds, subtle senses and archetypal energies.

In the six-month in-depth program, participants learn to deepen their relationship to themselves by learning to access and trust their inner knowledge and wisdom.

Through the use of  imagery, anchors, and creating a mind-heart-action connection, participants learn acceptance and integration of all parts of self, and how to be the creator of their life.

For more information or to register for the 6 month program, contact Catherine at

Practical Mysticism


What is embodied astrology? In a word it is connection. As we explore the rhythm and flow of celestial forces we learn how those same forces exist in our world and within each one of us.

Through the study of astrology, we have an opportunity to learn how to work consciously and creatively with astrological archetypes and planetary cycles.

In the Introductory Astrology classes and workshops, as well as learn the basic language of astrology, students will learn about astrology in a holistic and experiential way.

For those who want to further develop their understanding of astrological principles, incorporate astrology into their current career or become a professional astrologer, the Intermediate and  Advanced courses deepen the understanding of astrology, as well as how to use it as a diagnostic and counseling tool.

Whether you are brand new to astrology, want to review or develop intermediate skills, scroll down to the Embodied Astrology section for a list of  courses that approach astrology in a holistic manner.

WHAT’S NEW! September 2023/2024 starts the next series of astrology classes and workshops! Join the weekly classes with Zoom! Choices! You can sign up for one or all of the units, or enroll in the certificate program.

For Information about the introductory, intermediate and advanced astrology zoom courses, follow the link below, or contact Catherine at

If you prefer studying in your own time, inquire about the self paced astrology courses. Contact

Astrology Program