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You The Universe The Holistic Mind
The Holistic Mind and Leadership

What does positive, inclusive and ethical leadership look like? Join Catherine and her guest MLA Lori Sigurdson to find out more about ethical leadership and politics.

Lori Sigurdson

Lori Sigurdson was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Edmonton-Riverview, on May 5, 2015, and re-elected on April 16, 2019. She currently serves the deputy chair of the Standing Committee on Families and Communities. Throughout her 25-year career as a social worker, she worked in many fields of practice, such as child welfare, mental health, community development, and social policy. She also was as an instructor of social work at the University of Calgary, MacEwan University and NorQuest College. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the profession of social work and to social justice, Ms. Sigurdson was awarded the John Hutton Memorial Award for social action and policy in 2017. The mother of three sons, Ms. Sigurdson is committed to community service. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta as well as bachelor and master of social work degrees from the University of Calgary.